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We hold our meetings at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month at Sergio's Pizzeria in San Leandro.

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Please join us in our fight to restore our civil rights in both California and the
United States.

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Catch up on the meetings that you missed. Reports are here.

2004 Youth Fair: another great MC success! Full story
with photos are here.

Alameda County MC re-arms local Boy Scouts. Read the story here.


Legislative Updates

California Voter Registration


'One Click', a major legislative tool, is available to you

California NRA Members' Councils have a major on-line resource to help concerned citizens stay abreast of current state firearm legislation.

The site provides up-to-the-minute information on all California legislation of interest to gun owners. It also provides legislative and media contact information.

It has an easy and convenient way to reach not only all of the Assembly and Senate members, but also specific members of Assembly and Senate committees that are considering firearm legislation.

Called the "One-Click" function, it is an impressive tool that makes it extremely easy to send a message to multiple legislators.

The site also provides phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses for all of California's legislators' Sacramento and local district offices, along with contact information for many of California's newspapers, television and radio stations. Please make use of this important source.

The information is available at the California NRA Members' Councils' state website on the Legislative Information and Contact Tools page.

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Sign up
for CAL-ERTs


Cal-ERT is California's NRA Members' Council Program's e-mail early warning system. It's designed to alert concerned citizens to impending legislative action on gun bills.

NRA's Sacramento lobbyist generates the alerts, and they are then immediately disseminated through the Members' Councils' e-mail networks. Alerts are only issued when firearm legislation requires immediate action from gun owners, and they detail the action that gun owners should take.

All Californians that care about firearm rights are strongly urged to sign up for the service.


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